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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10-inch tablets’ battle: 8.9” Kindle Fire HD, 9.7” iPad 3 and 10.6” Microsoft Surface serials

Nivedh Ramachandran | 8:06 PM | Best Blogger Tips

Larger display from smartphones as well as tablets generally offers brand new experience to users. With the stirring interest in Microsoft Surface this month, we once again come to such a question: Which larger-size (around 10”) tablet should I get?

To solve this problem, we should find out what we exactly need. We definitely will not spend 2 hundred dollars more on a mobile device that exclusively delivers elementary functions including browsing the Internet, reading eBooks, watching online videos, playing downloaded light games and the like, which can be easily achieved by most portable smartphones and cheap 7-inch tablets. It should be something parallel to computers, which can be used to do more complicated errands like editing documents.

8.9” Kindle Fire HD

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 8.9” is absolutely a wonderful work other than a merely amplified version with marginally better configuration. Larger display, HD resolution and other improved details provide great surprise for users, especially for Kindle fans. However, it is an exceptional android tablet at most. It might be a good gadget for pure entertainments while you have to turn to PC or Mac in most cases.

9.7” iPad

iPad is unquestionably a great tablet with its seamless service and awesome design. Compared to other tablets, we have heard about far more lauded things of iPad instead of unbearable complaints. It empowers us to complete many advanced operations due to its outstanding iOS platform, which shows overwhelming advantages upon Android OS. Similar to Kindle Fire HD 8.9”, we cannot yet say goodbye to personal computer although ipad keeps us company all the time. Touch screen brings along convenience as well as restrictions.

10.6” Microsoft Surface serials

We know that Surface RT is actually another rival in 10-inch tablet market while Surface Pro combines computer-based Windows OS and tablets’ convenience together, which is just what college students and work-related people are looking for. One of my friends once asked me which tablet was suitable for her as she needed to write and edit frequently. I told her to wait for the upcoming Surface Pro with a revealing of its slightly costly price. Another merit to make Surface titles stand out might fall to its special type/touch cover, which adds freedom and flexibility to our operation.

Apparently, there is a massive selection of tablets for people who exclusively use 10” tablets for entertainments and aspire to excellent UI experience. Perhaps iPad is their preference. However, for people who need a work-related tablet, it’s easy to make a final decision.

Guest Post by AdaWang: Ada Wang currently works for Epubor, which delivers eBook solutions to customers. In addition, she writes blogs concerning eBooks, eReaders and popular electronic gadgets for eBookConverter.